Tips to Improve an Elder’s Mental Health

Unfortunately, there are millions of people who struggle with mental health issues. Everything from anxiety to depression to PTSD can take a grip on people’s lives. It can be difficult, at times, to overcome mental health issues. However, there are many tips and resources out there that can help people to feel better and get past certain mental health problems. Having home care assistance services can be useful with implementing these tips.

If your elderly loved one is struggling with their mental health, share these tips with them and their home care assistance aides today.

Having a Companion

Home Care Assistance Ashland OH - Tips to Improve an Elder's Mental Health

Home Care Assistance Ashland OH – Tips to Improve an Elder’s Mental Health

Most people who struggle with mental health issues tend to isolate themselves. They don’t feel as if other people are going to understand what they are going through. However, what they don’t understand is that most people have experienced something similar. Even those who haven’t gone through something similar may know someone who has, so they do have somewhat of an understanding. You may want to recommend that your elderly loved one get home care assistance services. These home care providers can be there for your elderly loved one. They can play games with them, listen to them talk, and just be there for them.

Connecting Regularly

You should also encourage your elderly loved one to connect with their loved ones and friends regularly. It is important that people who are struggling with mental health issues don’t feel alone. Feeling alone will usually only worsen the mental health issues they are having. There are many ways that your elderly loved one can connect with people regularly. They can make video Facebook calls, Skype calls, or go to someone’s house. You can even hire home care assistance providers to drive your elderly loved one to visit their family members and friends.

Increasing Physical Activity

Does your elderly loved one know there is a link between mental health and physical health? Research shows that people who experience mental health issues often feel better when they exercise daily. The exercise releases endorphins (natural feel-good chemicals) that boost happiness, fight depression and lower stress. If your elderly loved one doesn’t already do so, encourage them to exercise at least 10 minutes every day.

Seek Further Assistance

Is your elderly loved one struggling to keep their mental health intact? Maybe, they struggle with depression, anxiety, or PTSD. No matter what mental health issues they are having, hopefully, the tips mentioned above can help them to start feeling better. If your elderly loved one tries these tips, but they don’t help, make sure they see a doctor or therapist to get further help. Don’t forget having your elderly loved one receive home care assistance services could help them to feel better, as well.


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Kathy Summers, RN