Home Health Care: Physical Therapy at Home Can Assist a Senior’s Recovery

After an illness or injury your senior may find that she’s lost a lot more functional movement than she expects. This can dramatically impact her ability to be safe at home as she recovers and she may also feel afraid of recovery. Having access to physical therapy at home can turn all of that around for your senior, though, and leave her feeling safer as well. Home health care services can provide this therapy.

Improving Range of Motion and Flexibility

Home Health Care Shelby OH - Home Health Care: Physical Therapy at Home Can Assist a Senior’s Recovery

Home Health Care Shelby OH – Home Health Care: Physical Therapy at Home Can Assist a Senior’s Recovery

When your senior is healing, she may find that she loses flexibility and range of motion in the affected part of her body. Muscles and joints can become extremely tight after an illness or injury, especially if your elderly family member has been immobilized for a period of time. A physical therapist is able to help your senior to stretch those tight areas and improve her flexibility, which is so helpful in healing.

Strengthening Her Body

Another goal in physical therapy at home is to help your senior to strengthen muscles and parts of her body that might have been weakened by her condition. Working her muscles helps them to become stronger and that enables them to support her as she goes through her daily activities. The exercises that your senior’s physical therapist recommends are likely to change over time as her condition improves and as she has different needs.

Home Health Care Aides Assisting with Stability and Balance

Something else that’s crucial for your senior’s health and well-being is her ability to maintain her balance. If she’s been injured or has had surgery, stability and balance may be something that she’s having considerable difficulty regaining. Having access to physical therapy in her own home allows her to regain that stability without having to go out in public to do so.

Properly Using Heat and Ice for Pain

Physical therapists can be helpful in another way, too. They’re well-versed in using techniques like ice and heat, and alternating the two, in order to manage pain. With a physical therapist’s help, your senior can learn what this tool can do for pain management and she can do so without worrying that she’s doing something incorrectly or that might cause her further pain.

Physical therapy is such a crucial part of healing, and with the help of home health care services your elderly family member is able to personalize the assistance that she gets. Your senior’s exercises and routines are tailored for her specific health conditions.

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Kathy Summers, RN