Ways to Help Your Mom When You Might Be Sick With Elder Care Aid

You feel a cold coming on, but your mom needs you. Maybe, you have the flu and don’t want to give it to her. Whatever is making you feel poorly, you cannot risk her health by going to help her all day. But she counts on you to spend the day with her. You cook her meals, help her with medications, and drive her to appointments. These are the type of services elder care aides provide. She can’t manage without you. When you’re sick and don’t want to spread germs, how do you still help out?

Find Other Family Members Who Can Help Out

Elder Care Crestline OH - Ways to Help Your Mom When You Might Be Sick With Elder Care Aid

Elder Care Crestline OH – Ways to Help Your Mom When You Might Be Sick With Elder Care Aid

Ask others in the family to step up while you’re ill. Your brother could take over meal preparation as he gets out of work at 3:30. After dropping her children at school, your sister could stop by and make sure your parents are showered, dressed, and take their medications.

You could extend this to close friends and neighbors. If you don’t have siblings in the area or are an only child, you’ll often find others are more than happy to help out. Reach out to your cousins, aunts, uncles, and people within the community to help your mom until you feel better.

If they don’t realize you’re feeling poorly, they can’t help. You need to ask for help when you need it. Suppose no one can help out that that point. There are still other options to consider. What’s most important is taking care of yourself and not spreading a virus like a cold or the flu to your parents.

Order Meal Delivery if Needed

If you cannot find anyone to cook meals for your mom, you can’t let your mom go hungry. You may need to wear a mask and bring meals to her. Don’t stay long. Leave the food and go. Even better, get someone else to deliver it.

The other option is to see if there are any meal delivery services available. If so, you could use these services to bring your mom meals until you arrange respite care services.

Do Other Things for Your Mom From Your Home

Consider what you can do to help your mom without leaving the house. If she needs groceries, you could order them online and have them delivered. If there’s no delivery offered in her area, order them and ask one of her neighbors or a family friend to pick them up and deliver them.

From your home, you could pay her bills, refill her prescriptions, and call her with prescription reminders. You can also arrange to have respite care services to help out while you recover.

Hire Elder Care Services to Provide Respite Care

Respite care is an essential service for families. It involves having elder care aides go to your mom’s house to clean her home, cook meals, take her to appointments, get groceries, do her laundry, and help her with daily activities of living. Respite care is provided for as long as is needed until you’re ready to take back over.

If you’re sick and shouldn’t be with your mom, stay home. Don’t risk getting her sick. Let our elder care aides take care of her while you focus on getting better. To arrange elder care services, pick up the phone and talk to a specialist about prices and services.

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Kathy Summers, RN