Tips for Keeping Your Parents Safe with Home Care Help

While you live several states away, you stay in touch with your parents each week. You’re becoming concerned that they’re not as safe as they could be. You understand their desire to age at home. But, your mom and dad are having a more challenging time with mobility, bills, and driving. Brining in home care providers can help to alleviate your concerns.

What can you do when you know they need help, and they say they’re okay?

Look at Their Daily Routines

Home Care Bellville OH - Tips for Keeping Your Parents Safe with Home Care Help

Home Care Bellville OH – Tips for Keeping Your Parents Safe with Home Care Help

Don’t assume your parents need help yet. Talk to them about their daily routines. Do they take medications or vitamins to treat a chronic health condition? If so, do they remember to take them, or do they forget and put their health at risk.

How good are they at keeping their prescriptions refilled and groceries stocked? If they often run out of food or pills, it may benefit them to have someone helping with medication management and grocery shopping. Meal planning is also worth discussing.

Do your parents get dressed on their own? Do they choose outfits that are appropriate for the weather, or are they often overdressed? How are they at showering, personal care, and grooming? Check your mom and dad’s nails, especially the toenails, to ensure they’re appropriately trimmed.

Housework is a critical concern. Can your mom and dad change their sheets and towels without help? If your mom and dad cannot do simple tasks like laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and cleaning surfaces, they need someone to help. Disease containment depends on being able to do these basic household chores.

Discuss the Pros and Cons of Home Care

Sit down with your parents and talk about the pros and cons of home care. As you start going through the available services in their area, they will begin to see few negatives and many positives. Home care services become appealing at this point.

Make sure you cover that the goals of home care services is to help your parents remain independent. It’s not about taking away their freedom. If possible, have them talk to neighbors, friends, and family members who have caregivers.

You’ve talked, and everyone agrees that your parents would benefit from weekly home care services. Call our home care agency and ask to speak to a specialist. Discuss your parents’ needs, the services you think would benefit them, and find out prices. Once you establish the right services and hours, you can schedule caregiver visits.

If you are considering Home Care Services in Bellville OH, call the caring staff at Central Star Home Health at (419) 610-2161.  Providing services for families in Mansfield, Lexington, Bellville, Crestline, Galion, Shelby, Ashland, Ontario and the surrounding areas.

Kathy Summers, RN