Elder Care Aids in Ways to Turn Daily Walks Into a Better Workout

Your dad is trying to make improvements after seeing his doctor. One of the suggestions was to get more exercise. Ideally, his doctor wants him to go for a walk every day. Your dad is known to stroll along and not really walk fast, which isn’t going to get his heart rate up. How can you and his elder care aide help him turn his walks into a better workout?

Here are Some Tips for Improvement

Start With a Warm-Up

Elder Care Ontario OH - Elder Care Aids in Ways to Turn Daily Walks Into a Better Workout

Elder Care Ontario OH – Elder Care Aids in Ways to Turn Daily Walks Into a Better Workout

Before he leaves the house, have him do some stretches to prepare the muscles for the walk. Some simple stretches moving from flat feet to tiptoes using the wall or a chair for support are enough to get him started.

Pick Up the Pace

Walking faster is all it takes to get your dad’s heart rate up. Look at the reasons for his slower walk. Is he walking slowly to accommodate his dog? He should leave his dog at home for one walk each day. If he is afraid of falling, he should walk with a friend or an elder care aide.

Invest in the Right Footwear

Your dad will walk faster if he’s wearing the right shoes. Flip-flops and sandals will lead to him ambling. Instead, talk him into buying a pair of sneakers designed for walking. With proper support, he won’t experience foot or ankle pain. That keeps him interested in walking more.

Wear Ankle and Wrist Weights

Put weights on the ankles and wrists before he heads out for his walk. The weights will lead to more of a workout. When you’re first having him use weights, walk with him to ensure he doesn’t overexert or strain a muscle.

Bring Walking Sticks

If your dad gets used to using his arms during the walk, it will increase the use of his upper body. He should get a couple of walking sticks and use them like ski poles as he walks.

Go Farther Each Day

As he builds up stamina, push each walk so that he goes farther. For his first walk, he went around his block. As he gains strength, increase the distance. He could do two laps of the block or start walking farther away.

Have Elder Care Aides for Companionship

If your dad is struggling to stay motivated, it’s time to look at having others with him throughout the week. Companionship with elder care aides is one way to ensure he has company when he needs someone around for walks and other activities.

Elder care services cover many of his other daily tasks, such as laundry, meals, and shopping. Call our agency and talk to a specialist to learn more about elder care.

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