Senior Home Care Steps in for Caregiver Respite

Family caregivers spend many hours helping their parents. It’s easy to lose track of your own needs when you’re caring for an older adult. Hobbies provide you the opportunity to take a break and do something that improves your well-being. A senior home care aide can step in while you find time for a hobby.

What are some of the best hobbies for family caregivers?

Senior Home Care Shelby OH - Senior Home Care Steps in for Caregiver Respite

Senior Home Care Shelby OH – Senior Home Care Steps in for Caregiver Respite


Have you considered getting a fish tank? Aquariums are easy to set up, and with just a few supplies, you can have a thriving community of fish and snails. Snails keep the tank clean, and the fish are soothing to watch as they swim around.


Baking offers a creative outlet that also stocks your kitchen with homemade foods. Bread baking is especially helpful as it’s something you likely use each week. It also helps you work out the muscles as you knead the dough.


Crafts are great at exercising the fingers and hands. If you’re experiencing arthritis pain in your fingers and wrist, a skill like knitting is perfect. As you master knitting, you can make things to donate to area hospitals. Many look for knitted caps and blankets for cancer patients and newborns.


Not only does dancing help stretch and work the muscles, but it also improves your balance and stamina. As you dance, you reduce stress by increasing serotonin, which helps you feel happier.


Gardening gets you outside in the sunshine and fresh air. You get much-needed vitamin D from the sun, helping your mood and bone strength at the same time.

When you grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs, you also feel that you’ve accomplished something. You’re saving money on groceries and enjoying the harvest throughout the growing season. If you freeze your extra crops, the produce will last through the winter, too.

Learning a New Language

Head online and learn a language. Pick any language you want and watch instructional videos or listen to podcasts while learning the basics. It exercises the brain. Plus, you develop a stronger sense of self-worth as you meet your goals.


Reading exercises the brain, which is always a good thing. It also helps improve your vocabulary, helps you sharpen your focus, and can even make it easier to fall asleep at night. Read before bedtime, and you’ll find yourself ready to drift off into a deep sleep.

Senior Home Care Can Help you Have Respite Time

Are there other things you need to be doing to improve your mood? If you’re feeling down or burned out, it’s time to talk about senior home care for your parents. Self-care is just as important as your parents’ care, and caregivers help you take the breaks you need.

To arrange senior home care, call our agency and ask to talk to a specialist. You’ll discuss prices, services, and answers to your questions. Call now.

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Kathy Summers, RN