No one likes to be sick, but if your elderly family member is recovering, she may need some reminders to take recovery slowly and to follow her doctor’s instructions. That can make all the difference between healing as quickly as she can and suffering setbacks as she heals. These tips can help her to make the best choices possible as she’s getting better. Home health care providers can assist her with following her instructions.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Home Health Care Bellville OH - Home Health Care Helps Healing from Illness

Home Health Care Bellville OH – Home Health Care Helps Healing from Illness

Your senior’s doctor may prescribe some very specific things as she recovers. Exercise might be off the table for an extended period of time, for instance. Or your senior may need specific tests or follow-up visits in order to make sure she’s healing well. Following those orders from her doctor is going to give her a pathway for recovery and it’s important that your senior follows it to the letter.

Especially Follow Orders with Medication

Unfortunately, lots of time people start to feel better as they heal and then they stop taking medication. If your senior’s doctor is recommending that she continue taking specific medications, like antibiotics, that’s happening for a reason. Sticking with that medication plan is ultimately going to help your senior to recover. Even if your elderly family member thinks she doesn’t need the medication anymore, it’s vital to clear that with her doctor first.

Encourage Her to Rest

Rest is a huge part of recovering from an illness. That can be difficult for some people to do, however. If that describes your senior, you may have to talk with her about what could potentially happen if she overdoes it. There might be a lot of different activities your senior wants to engage in, but if it’s too soon, that’s risking that she’ll set her healing back.

Get Help with Anything That’s Too Much from Home Health Care Providers

One of the best ways to help speed up your senior’s healing and ensure that she’s able to rest as much as possible is to bring in home health care providers. Home health care providers are able to handle medical needs as well as make sure your senior is eating, taking medications, and getting plenty of rest. They can also offer companionship that can help with healing as well.

Helping your senior to recover from illness or injury is a big deal. And that sometimes means that you and your elderly family member have to start following recommendations closely. Having help to do that as accurately as possible is really important to do.

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Kathy Summers, RN