Arthritis is a common condition and the pain can be intense. Your senior may even have arthritis in her feet, which complicates her life in terms of not just comfort but also in terms of mobility. These tips can help your senior and her homecare aide to manage arthritic foot pain.

Physical Therapy Might Help

Homecare Ashland OH - Homecare for Arthritic Feet

Homecare Ashland OH – Homecare for Arthritic Feet

Simple foot exercises might be useful for your senior in terms of maintaining mobility in her feet and helping to manage pain. It can also help to work with a physical therapist in order to get more specific about which exercises are best for your elderly family member’s particular situation. Your senior can learn modifications for high pain days when her normal exercises are too difficult to do.

Try Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy treatments are another possibility for your senior. She might find that using a heating pad or taking a warm foot bath help to relax muscle spasms while cold packs and ice alleviate swelling in the joints themselves. Alternating hot and cold therapy can be just the combination to take care of both issues for your senior.

Check Other Options for Shoes

As with any other foot problem, footwear matters. Take a close look at the shoes your senior wears most often. It’s possible that her shoes are contributing to some of her pain. It might be worth the time to talk to a podiatrist or to a physical therapist about what shoes are best for your senior and how often she should wear specific types of footwear. There may even be orthotic options she can use in her favorite shoes.

Make Foot Care a Priority with Homecare Assistance

Above all, foot care has to be a priority for your senior. That means ensuring that the skin on her feet is clean and dry, with no cracks or sores. Trim her nails straight across, and file off rough edges. Massaging her feet can also help with arthritis pain. Keeping up with foot care might not be possible for your senior, but that doesn’t mean she has to ignore her feet. Homecare providers can take over foot pampering for your elderly family member, ensuring that her feet are in the best condition possible.

There may be other options that are available for your senior, too, depending on her pain and the type of arthritis she’s battling. Talk with her doctor about what options might help her, because even exploring those possibilities can improve your senior’s quality of life.

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