Your grandfather has been quite the trooper. Even though he’s been struggling with walking and other tasks, he keeps a positive attitude. As an elder, home care becomes more important, especially when you begin struggling with his own physical needs.

Home Care Shelby OH - Home Care Aid For Elder Visits

Home Care Shelby OH – Home Care Aid For Elder Visits

While you’ve been supporting him to some degree, this past year has made it tough. Perhaps he was in a nursing home or assisted living community. Those types of  care facilities are critical for certain seniors, especially when dealing with chronic health issues, injuries, major surgery, and so forth.

During the pandemic, though, many locations were not allowing visitation. This created a lot of trouble for family and friends who simply wanted to be there for aging loved ones, including spouses, parents, grandparents, and more.

Now, though, things are changing. When a person depends on some form of home care, even if it was family support, visitation with people they love, people they may not have seen in person for well over a year at this point, how can you help?

Find out who he wants to visit with.

Grandchildren are often a favorite among aging men and women. They get to spoil those kids and enjoy the innocence and joy many children naturally have.

However, your grandfather may prefer to enjoy some visits with other family or even friends. The first thing to realize is that you can’t take this personally. If you ask your grandfather who he wants to visit with now that lockdown restrictions are easing, don’t be surprised if his list of top five doesn’t include your brother or uncle or cousin or even your own children.

You need to make yourself objective in this process, not emotionally biased. It can be tough, but always remember this is what your grandfather wishes, not necessarily what you may want.

Have a safe plan in place.

When it comes to reducing the risk of viral spread -and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the flu or some other virus running around- maintain necessary distance between people, make sure they don’t exhibit symptoms when they are visiting, and sanitize their hands often.

If the people your grandfather wants to visit with are willing to do those things, then there should be no problem with visitation at this time.

Be there as a support, if he needs it or have home care aides fill in.

You may have work to go to each day. If that’s the case and a friend of his wants to visit, but you still want your grandfather to be safe, look to a home care agency for support.

This doesn’t have to be full-time care, either. You can find someone through an agency to be there for your grandfather and these visits while you’re at work. This home care aide can also be your eyes on the ground, checking to make sure those visiting are adhering to the simple rules and expectations you put in place.

Visitation can be crucial for keeping elders like your grandfather emotionally uplifted, even while relying on care.

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