Some people get older and have few issues. Others develop chronic health conditions like kidney disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and high blood pressure. If your mom or dad has a health issue, what happens if there’s a medical emergency? Would the other parent freeze up or know exactly what to do and take action? Would having a home care aide available help put your mind at ease?


Home Care Lexington OH - Teach Your Parents How to Handle Medical Emergencies

Home Care Lexington OH – Home Care and Senior Medical Emergencies

Your mom grabbed a pan and burned her hand. Most burns aren’t severe and can be treated at home. Burn cream or aloe vera help soothe the sting. If the skin blisters or falls away, see a doctor. A severe burn should be looked at so that the proper treatment occurs.

Chest Pains

Chest pains don’t always mean a heart attack is happening. Panic attacks, heartburn, and muscle strain can all cause chest pain. If your parent is experiencing chest pain, it is crucial to go to the ER for tests. Don’t sit and wait and see if it goes away.

Fractures and Sprains

It’s not uncommon for older adults to fall. Tripping on an uneven surface or obstacle on the flooring is one reason. Medication side effects, ice, and wet or slippery flooring are other reasons a fall may occur.

If your mom or dad falls, a bone fracture or sprain must be looked at by a doctor. Keep your parent calm, and don’t let your mom or dad get up until you’re sure there’s no head, neck, or spine injury.

Make sure they follow instructions for care. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate) is one of the key ways to help ease the pain and swelling. Make sure they do rest and follow the rest of the doctor’s orders.


Strokes can occur at any time, and certain lifestyle habits increase the risk. Smoking is one of them. High blood pressure and diabetes also increase the risk.

Make sure your parents know the acronym FAST when it comes to handling this emergency. If the face (F) droops, the arms (A) won’t stay raised, and speech (S) is slurred, it’s time to take (T) action. A call to 911 is important. The faster your parent sees a doctor, the higher the odds of recovery and survival.

Is It Time to Have Home Care Aides Spend Time Helping Your Mom and Dad?

If your parents are alone for weeks at a time, it’s time to weigh their options. They shouldn’t have to be alone 24/7. If you don’t live close enough to spend time with them, call our home care agency and talk about hiring home care aides.

Home care providers can stop by each week and spend time with your parents. They can help them with the more demanding tasks and provide companionship. It will make a difference to your parents and help you feel more confident that your parents have a strong support team nearby.

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