Are you caring for someone who has dementia? If so, there are some tips that can make everyday tasks simpler for someone who has dementia. If you and their elder care aides learn more about these tips, you can help to make your elderly loved one’s life a bit easier. They can help your elderly loved one to be more active, plan for their future, and cope better, too.

Organizing Days

Elder Care Mansfield OH -Simplifying Tasks for Someone With Dementia

Elder Care Mansfield OH -Simplifying Tasks for an Elder With Dementia and Elder Care

One of the best tips for making things simpler for someone with dementia is organizing their days. There are many ways that family caregivers and elder care providers can help the elderly with this. They can help them to make to-do lists, schedule appointments and put those on a calendar, and make a daily schedule to put on the wall. By helping your elderly loved one to organize their day, this can help reduce the feeling of chaos in their life.

Bill Paying

People with dementia will get confused when paying bills. They may send more money than is needed for a bill or forget to pay the bill altogether. If you are worried about your elderly loved one paying bills, you can help them to set up payments that automatically come out of their bank account. Then, you or someone else can check your elderly loved one’s account often to make sure their checkbook is balanced. This is often the easiest way for someone with dementia to pay their bills.


It is very important that senior citizens exercise, even those with dementia. There have been many studies done regarding the benefits of exercise. Exercising can improve blood flow to the brain. It can help with weight management. Exercising can reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability. Sometimes, exercising can even help to improve one’s memory. If you are caring for your elderly loved one who has dementia, you should help them to set up an exercise schedule. You can even have your elderly loved one’s elder care providers remind them to exercise.

Improving a Loved One’s Life with Elder Care

These are some of the best tips to make everyday tasks simpler for someone who has dementia. If you are caring for your elderly loved one who has dementia, be sure to help them implement these tasks. Depending on the stage of dementia that your elderly loved one is already in, they may or may not understand what you are trying to get them to do. However, these tips can, at the very least, improve your elderly loved one’s quality of life.


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