Close to 9 out of 10 older adults have one chronic health condition. Six out of 10 have two. It’s very likely your elder parents have health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, or dementia. Adjusting to their changing health may be difficult for your parents. Managing their health while also trying to enjoy retirement is equally tricky. Elder care can help with this.

Use these tips to help them manage your elder loved ones health without giving up the quality of life they desire.

Sit Down and Talk to the Doctor

Elder Care Crestline OH - Best Ways to Help Your Parents Manage Their Health

Elder Care Crestline OH – Best Ways to Help Your Parents Manage Their Health with Elder Care

Whether you talk to your parents’ doctors through a Zoom call or face-to-face, have a list of questions. The more you know about their chronic health condition, the easier it is to help them make the right decisions and manage their health.

If you’re not sure what a medication does, ask questions. You may need to ask additional questions to clarify the information you’re learning. It’s okay to want to know as much as you can. You can also research the medications at home, but make sure you’re on legitimate medical organization’s websites.

Exercise With Them

Many chronic health conditions require daily exercise as part of the management plan. If your parents are hesitant to exercise on their own, join them. They’ll be more willing to exercise if you’re joining them.

If you cannot join them on the half-hour or longer walks, ask someone else to be there. They might have a neighbor who is happy to walk with them. Your parents may like the idea of joining a senior center’s fitness programs and enjoying socialization while they work out.

Discuss Their Diet

Like exercise, the doctors will probably tell your parents to change their diet. If they have arthritis, anti-inflammatory foods may help ease the symptoms. If your mom is diagnosed with anemia, she’ll need to add iron-rich foods to her diet.

Go over the dietary changes with their doctors. Ask for a referral to a dietitian if you’re not sure your parents understand what they need to do.

Support your parents with the help they need aging at home. If there are things they struggle to do independently due to their health, hire caregivers to help out.

How Elder Care Aides can Help

Your dad may have a hard time remembering when to take his blood pressure medications. Medication reminders ensure he takes them as scheduled. Your mom struggles with knee pain due to arthritis. Elder care providers can encourage her to walk around and stretch it out.

To make arrangements, contact our elder care agency. Discuss your parents’ health and the daily activities of living that they can’t do without help. You’ll find out how much elder care services cost and schedule the necessary services.


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