There’s a lot of information out there that seems like it isn’t all that accurate, particularly when it comes to big issues like heart health. So, is exercise really all that good for your senior’s heart? It turns out that there are plenty of heart benefits to moving more, so it’s a good idea to work with your senior’s doctor and senior care provider to find an solution that she likes.

Start out with Your Senior’s Doctor

Senior Care Bellville OH - Benefits of Exercise for Senior Heart Care

Senior Care Bellville OH – Benefits of Exercise for Senior Heart Care

Any time that you and your senior are considering making changes to her exercise routine, her diet, or anything else that can affect her health, it’s a good idea to discuss the idea with her doctor. There may be some advice that can make this idea more successful for your senior or there may be limitations your elderly family member needs to be aware of before she starts.

Exercise Helps to Reduce Stress

Stress is notoriously harmful to the human body, especially to the heart. Exercise can help to reduce stress levels, which in turn can help to protect your senior’s heart. The best plan for stress reduction is to ensure that your senior is consistent. As with most changes, when you want to see results, consistency is extremely helpful.

All Types of Exercise Count

The best news is that in the past your senior might have considered exercise to be specific activities, like aerobics or jogging. But although the CDC recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week, there are a lot of activities that fit that bill. Your senior can walk, do yoga, dance, or do a variety of other activities that she enjoys. That’s the key, because if she doesn’t enjoy what she’s doing she probably won’t keep going.

Help Your Senior to Make Time and Space for Exercise with Senior Care Assistance

Your senior might not feel that she has the time and space in her schedule to exercise. She may also be literally feeling a lack of space, if she’s having a tough time keeping a handle on her living space. Bringing in senior care providers to help with things like daily chores can help your elderly family member to feel that she can devote more time to herself and to moving more.

Once your senior has a movement plan, she can modify it to meet her needs and her wants. Keeping her heart healthy doesn’t have to be something that is full of activities that she doesn’t enjoy at all.

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