Family Caregiver Decision of Moving a Parent

When a parent isn’t thriving at home alone, the first thought as a caregiver is often to move your parent into your home. Your home is newer and larger. Plus, it’s close to your work. Before you take this step, weigh the pros and cons.

When you move a parent into your home, it will affect the privacy levels of everyone. They’re used to having their own space. Adding a new family member often means morning routines get changed, grocery and utility bills increase, and house rules may become a difficult adjustment.

Prepare for the Move

Caregiver Mansfield OH - Family Caregiver Decision of Moving a Parent

Caregiver Mansfield OH – Family Caregiver Decision of Moving a Parent

You’re certain that moving your parent into your home is the best step to take. Prepare everyone in advance. Hold a family meeting to discuss what rules must be followed.

If your dad is used to wandering around the house in nothing but his boxers, that may not be okay with your teen daughter. He should wear a robe or get dressed first.

If your daughter is used to spending time in the bathroom for hours before school, she needs to stick to a schedule. Work out a schedule that ensures everyone has time to get ready each morning.

Make Your Home Comforting For Your Dad

Your dad is going to be in a new environment. Make it feel like home with his favorite chair. Fill the bookshelf with the books he loves to read regularly. Put up his favorite paintings.

For his bedroom, bring his bed if it is comfortable for him. Use his choice of bedding and colors. You want him to feel like he’s part of the family and not a guest.

Set Rules on Visits

You want family members and family friends to visit your dad often, but you don’t want to become frustrated by unexpected visitors. Make it clear that you won’t be cooking for visitors. If they want a meal while they’re in your home, they could bring one.

Be sure they’re not interrupting your routine. If your kids are settling down for bed at 8 p.m., visitors shouldn’t be stopping by at 9 p.m. and ringing the doorbell.

Arrange for a Professional Caregiver to Help Out

Caregivers should be part of your arrangement. Have caregivers available to take your dad out shopping or for fun outings. Caregivers can monitor his activities while you’re at work.

You can use home care services to remind your dad to take medications or to cook his meals and snacks when you’re not around. Caregivers are a vital part of your dad’s comfort and safety as he ages at home. Call to make arrangements.

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Kathy Summers, RN