After a diagnosis of diabetes your elderly family member might feel lost. There’s so much to learn and if the situation is critical, there might not be a lot of time for her to get it right. That’s when having diabetic education from home health care providers could be just what your senior needs most.

Her Doctors Understand What Support She Needs

Home Health Care Shelby OH - How Does Diabetic Education Help Your Senior?

Home Health Care Shelby OH – How Does Diabetic Education Help Your Senior?

Unless your senior has a lot of experience with other family members and diabetes, she is probably completely new to all of this. That might mean that she’s not able to even describe to her doctors what she needs help figuring out. Having home health care providers there with her gives her a liaison who can get her the support she needs from her doctors.

She’s Able to Make Educated Decisions about Her Health

As your elderly family member learns more about diabetes and how it affects her health and her well-being, she’s able to make decisions that work in her favor. This can mean that she is able to balance the emotional impact of diabetes and simultaneously improve her health in other ways.

She’s Able to Test Her Blood Sugar Levels

Testing glucose levels is crucial for diabetic health. If your elderly family member takes insulin, she absolutely has got to know what her levels are in order to understand her insulin dosages. She also needs to be able to correlate how she’s feeling with what that means in terms of her illness.

She Learns How Exercise, Diet, and Medication Work Together

There’s a lot more than just blood sugar, though. Your senior’s activity levels, what she eats, and other medications that she takes all factor into how she’s feeling. As your elderly family member learns more about these different factors, she also can appreciate how they fit together.

She’s Able to Troubleshoot Effectively

Especially in the beginning, your elderly family member may have to do a lot of troubleshooting. Her insulin levels may fluctuate and if she’s taking other medications, those need to be watched to make sure they’re the right dosage, too. This is where home health care providers can help your elderly family member to learn how to finetune her experience.

There is so much to learn if your elderly family member has just been diagnosed with diabetes. As big as that learning curve is, your senior can adapt well with the right help.

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