It isn’t a commonly talked about subject, but it is important to discuss. You may want to start thinking about the documents that your elderly parent needs, if you haven’t done so already. If there is an emergency, it is important to have the documents on hand. Whether it deals with their medical decisions, finances, or some other important factor in their life, all of these decisions should be organized and easy to find.

Here are some of the top documents that your elderly parent should have ready to go.

Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive

Elderly Care Shelby OH - Top Documents You Should Have for Your Elderly Parent

Elderly Care Shelby OH – Top Documents You Should Have for Your Elderly Parent

Your elderly parent should have their power of attorney and health care directive paperwork. These things will ensure that someone is designated to handle their medical decisions if they aren’t able to do it by themselves. In addition, if something were to happen, the doctors can’t share your parent’s information if they don’t have someone designated to receive that information. Your elderly parent can choose one person or multiple people to be their power of attorney or health care proxy. For example, this power of attorney is the one that can hire elderly care providers if they are needed.

Consent for Information Release

There are many different types of paperwork that allow for a release of information to someone else. Your elderly parent can find these forms at their doctor’s office, the insurance company, and through other companies they have policies through, as well. It is important that your elderly parent signs these releases. This way, if someone else needs to access the information, they are able to. For instance, if your elderly parent gets into an accident and you need to talk to their insurance company representative, with the previously signed consent for information release, you will be able to do that. If needed, you can call an elderly care company to get providers to help out after the accident, as well.

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances

Your elderly parent should also have a durable power of attorney for their finances. This is something different than the power of attorney they sign for their medical decisions. The power of attorney for their finances will handle your parent’s finances if they are no longer able to do that. The power of attorney can also access your parent’s financial information. They can talk to insurance companies and sell their property if needed.

These are some of the top documents that you should have for your elderly parent. If they already have these documents, be sure you know exactly where they are at. This way, if something happens, you know who is responsible for decisions on behalf of your elderly parent.


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