There are many Americans who simply don’t know very much about home health care. That’s because until you need some type of service, you rarely learn anything about it. Yet, home health care is one of the greatest assets in allowing aging men and women as well as disabled adults the opportunity to be home as opposed to spending months or even years in a facility.

Home Health Care Galion OH - Home Health Care Offers Seniors a Real Way to Avoid Long-Term Care Facilities

Home Health Care Galion OH – Home Health Care Offers Seniors a Real Way to Avoid Long-Term Care Facilities

Aging in place is a concept more and more seniors are warming up to. It essentially means they want to remain home as long as possible, even if they’re contending with certain health issues.

Often, left alone, seniors will struggle, especially if they’re dealing with chronic health issues or limited mobility due to age, surgery, injuries, or other factors. When they struggle, safety becomes compromised. Add onto that serious health issues and potential complications that can arise following a hospitalization and being home becomes less and less likely. Except where home health care is available.

Where is home health care available?

Just about anywhere. That’s right, no matter where a person lives in the United States, there is most likely a home health care agency or provider available.

These health care workers, often visiting nurses, can help monitor blood pressure, temperature, vital stats, and other critical information. They can relay that information to the primary care physician so seniors can be monitored more closely while living at home.

Home health care providers can also administer medications. This can be significant for those who may be confused about what to take, when to take it, or are dependent on an IV, for example.

How does home health care help seniors avoid long-term care facilities?

A nursing home, for example, is costly. Many are also overworked and understaffed, leaving elderly patients alone for too long. They are also sterile, uncomfortable environments for many people.

Yet, home health care can provide the exact same services and support that these facilities offer, but in the senior’s house.

Many people understand that when they are more comfortable in their own environment, it has a direct and positive influence on mental health. Where mental health goes, physical health can also follow, meaning, when a senior is feeling positive, uplifted, and encouraged, their physical health may also improve, but where an aging senior is feeling negative, discouraged, and depressed, it can have a negative impact on their health.

Home health care provides that opportunity to feel uplifted and encouraged. When a person can be home as opposed to stuck in a facility, it can make a world of difference for recovery and quality of life.

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Kathy Summers, RN