Caregivers offer hands-on help, but they also offer a lot of different ways to help your elderly family member to experience a richer life on a daily basis. Understanding what your elderly family member needs gives everyone involved a chance to do what they can to keep meeting those needs on a regular basis.

Caregiver Ontario OH - How Does a Caregiver Offer Enrichment for Your Senior?

Caregiver Ontario OH – How Does a Caregiver Offer Enrichment for Your Senior?

Keeping up with Daily Tasks and Hobbies

Daily tasks and the hobbies that your senior loves might have become more difficult over time. Having a caregiver there with her gives her a supportive helper who is patient and interested in making sure your elderly family member is content. They can also take over tasks that might need a lot more than your senior can give, like taking care of laundry or keeping her home as clean as possible. All of these are important.

Helping Her to Move Safely

Mobility issues can steal a lot of the joy from your senior’s life. When she’s got help from a caregiver she trusts, your elderly family member is more likely to stay active or even become more active than she has been. She can be assured that she’s not going to fall and that she has help if something were to happen. If your elderly family member is mobile enough to continue to exercise, then a caregiver can help to make sure she does so safely.

Ensuring She Eats Healthy Meals

Healthy, filling meals are hugely important for your senior. They guarantee that your aging family member’s body has the nutrients it needs to keep her as strong and as healthy as possible. If cooking has become difficult, though, your elderly family member might have been skipping more meals than is wise. Having someone else who can cook for her is an absolute necessity.

Offering a Friendly Face

Socialization is so important for your elderly family member’s mental and physical well-being. When she’s got regular contact with friendly people who genuinely care about her, that means the world for her overall health. Caregivers do the work that they do because they love the aging adults that they encounter and they want to help them as much as possible.

Your senior’s needs are going to change a little bit here and there over time, but having a caregiver working with her and helping her is going to make assessing those needs a lot easier for you as her family member.

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Kathy Summers, RN