Why Hire Home Health Care When Your Mom Already Has Senior Care Services?

To help her around the home, your mom has senior care services every now and then. She has the help she needs. Why would you want to hire home health care?

Senior care is great for ensuring your mom has help with housekeeping, transportation, personal care, and reminders. Home health care can help with medical aspects of care to help your mom recover after an illness, surgery, or fall. Here are some of the services home health care offers that senior care cannot.

Senior Care Ashland OH - Why Hire Home Health Care When Your Mom Already Has Senior Care Services?

Senior Care Ashland OH – Why Hire Home Health Care When Your Mom Already Has Senior Care Services?

IV Care

If your mom has any IV medications, such as IV antibiotics, a nurse could administer those medications and make sure her IV is in properly. The nurse can change the IV site for infection, remove it, or replace it. If there are problems, the nurse can discuss them with your mom’s doctor and help with the solution or treatment plan.

Medication Administration

While a senior care aide can remind your mom to take medications, the aide cannot administer those medications. Nurses from a home health care agency can administer medications and discuss dosage changes with your mom’s doctor if the current dose seems to be ineffective.

Wound Care

After a surgical procedure, your mom may have a wound that needs to heal. She might have an open wound or sore on a foot or leg that has to be cared for to prevent infection. Home health care services help with wound care. The nurses can remove old bandages, check for signs of infection, and cleanse the wound before applying new bandages.

Fall Assessment

If your mom seems to be getting more clumsy, a fall assessment is a good idea. It can help rule out some of the common reasons older adults fall, such as loose stair rails, poor lighting, slippery rugs, or medication side effects.

Diabetes Education

Being diagnosed with diabetes isn’t to be taken lightly. Your mom has a lot to learn about diet and exercise routines if she’s to keep her blood sugar levels stable. She needs to learn how to check her blood sugar and make adjustments if it’s too high or too low. Home health care services can help her learn everything she needs to know.

Senior care services do help your mom maintain independence while she lives alone. If she also needs nursing care, home health services are easily added to her weekly care routine. Talk to our agency representative to discuss prices and all of the services that will benefit your mom as she recovers at home.

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Kathy Summers, RN