You have senior or elder care that helps older adults live at home without struggling with certain activities. Your mom had a stroke and is recovering. Her doctor says she needs home health care before he’ll release her. He suggests that elder care is also going to benefit her during her recovery. What are the differences?

Home Health Care Ontario OH - What Are the Goals of Home Health Care? 

Home Health Care Ontario OH – What Are the Goals of Home Health Care?

The Goals of Home Health Care

Home health care is designed to help a person regain independence after a health issue or medical condition. Home health care can also help with fall recovery or prevention.

After a stroke, your mom may not be talking, walking, or able to swallow. She may not have full use of her arms. All of those skills need to be regained during therapy sessions. With home health care, she may be able to have her physical, occupational, and speech therapy sessions in the privacy of her home.

If she has a catheter, skilled nursing care can help with that. She may have IV medications or fluids to make sure she’s not becoming dehydrated or in pain. If she had to have surgery on her head, wound care is also provided through home health care.

As home health care is provided by nurses, there is insight into the medical aspects of care after a stroke. The nurses can help educate you on what to expect and what care your mom will need as she heals. Special diets created and managed by a dietitian are also part of home health care.

The Goals of Elder Care

While home health care covers some of the medical care your mom needs, she’s going to need a lot more than that. She’s going to need someone to do her cleaning and laundry. She needs someone to drive her to and from appointments. She’ll need help getting in and out of bed.

Your mom has to have help with personal care and grooming. She’s going to need help showering, brushing, and styling her hair. She’ll need help with dressing, tying her shoes, and walking around the home. Those are all duties elder care services help with.

While home health care involves services from dietitians who can help with meal planning and diet, caregivers from an elder care agency can go grocery shopping for your mom and prepare and cook those meals for her.

Take the doctor’s advice and hire both home health care services to help with her medical recovery and elder care to handle personal and household chores. Call our home health care agency to start making arrangements.

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