If you’re not paying attention to your own needs while you go about your business as a caregiver you can find yourself veering dangerously close to burnout. It’s something that every caregiver can be susceptible to, even if you’re trying to be careful.

Elderly Care Crestline OH - Four Tools You Can Use to Fight Burnout

Elderly Care Crestline OH – Four Tools You Can Use to Fight Burnout

Start to Understand What You Need

Very often burnout starts to become a problem because caregivers don’t fully understand what they need in order to avoid burnout. By addressing your own needs, you can start to lower your stress levels and by default, give yourself a path for avoiding burnout. It’s difficult to identify your needs when you’ve been ignoring them for a long time, though. Counseling can help quite a lot. The counselor can give you tools you can use to identify your biggest needs.

Become More Open with Friends and Family about Your Needs

Once you know more about what you need, you can be more open with friends and family members about what you need, too. They can help you more when you’re able to express what you need from them. Talk to them about how they can help your senior and you, especially when you’re most in need of assistance.

Explore the Idea of Joining Support Groups

Lots of caregivers are leery of support groups. But they’re made up of other caregivers who are in similar situations to the one you’re in. They may have dealt with some of the challenges that you’re facing, which enables them to give you some direct advice. It’s also helpful just to interact with other caregivers. There’s a lot less explaining when you’re talking to other caregivers who understand exactly what you’re facing.

Consider Hiring Elderly Care Providers

You probably need way more help than you’re able to get, especially if you’re nearing burnout stages. That’s why hiring elderly care providers can be the best solution for you, even if it feels a little bit scary at first. Elderly care providers are able to take on tasks that you didn’t even realize were causing you stress. They can also give you a chance to take time away, just for yourself.

If you’re worried that you’re already deep into burnout, it might not be too late entirely to get a handle on the situation. Take some time away from caregiving and consider finding a therapist that you can trust. Focusing on yourself for a while can help you to deal with what you’re feeling.

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Kathy Summers, RN