Some people will develop Alzheimer’s disease and their family members will think it came out of nowhere. However, there may have been some early Alzheimer’s disease signs that the family members missed or didn’t think were related to the disease. When caring for an elderly family member, you and your loved one’s home health care providers should keep an eye out for these early warning signs. If you recognize them, you should have your elderly loved one see their doctor so they can get assessed for this disease.

Home Health Care Lexington OH - Early Alzheimer’s Signs You Should Watch Out For

Home Health Care Lexington OH – Early Alzheimer’s Signs You Should Watch Out For

Poor Judgment

One of the early Alzheimer’s signs is poor judgment. If your elderly loved one isn’t displaying proper judgment and this is new for them, it could mean they have Alzheimer’s disease. For instance, you may see that your elderly loved one is buying things online that they would have never bought before. They may buy As-Seen-On-TV products every time they see them on TV. This could be considered poor judgment.

Can’t Seem to Solve Basic Problems

How has your elderly loved one been doing trying to solve basic problems? For instance, when they look at their checkbook, are they able to properly add and subtract the numbers? Have they made mistakes in their checkbook or when figuring out a bill? If they have had these issues, this could be an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease. The reason for this is because abstract thinking is often damaged by this disease.

Withdrawing from Others

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one is withdrawing from others? Maybe they are staying in their room instead of spending time with you or their home health care providers. This might be because they have noticed signs of this disease and they don’t want others to see it. If this is the case, talk to them and tell your loved one that you are going to continue being there for them. Alzheimer’s can be scary and many elderly adults are worried they are going to lose everything. Don’t let them feel alone in all of this.

Problems with Spatial Relationships and Visual Images

Does your elderly loved one have problems figuring out distances, trouble reading, or going by a mirror and believing that it is a different person in that mirror? If any of these issues are present with your elderly loved one, they could have Alzheimer’s disease. While all elderly adults experience some issues with their vision, these ones are quite different than normal age-related problems.

Can’t Say the Proper Words

When you are having a conversation with your elderly loved one, do they have a difficult time finding the proper words? Maybe they are even using an incorrect word and thinking it is the right one. While doing this every once in a while is normal, when it becomes a more consistent problem, it could signify Alzheimer’s disease.

These are some of the early Alzheimer’s signs that you should watch out for. If you notice these in your elderly loved one, have them see their doctor for a proper diagnosis.


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