How Safe Are Your Senior’s Living Areas?

Keeping your senior safe at home is one of your biggest priorities as her caregiver, but it sometimes feels like a complicated series of tasks. Try to break the project down and focus on one area of her home at a time. Check the Carpet and Throw Rugs Flooring is a huge safety concern for aging adults. Your elderly family member’s ability to continue to move safely through her home is crucial. Look for anything that makes her flooring potentially dangerous, such as ... Read more

4 Energy Saving Tips to Help Seniors Save Money During the Winter

Senior Care in Mt. Gilead OH One of the most common concerns with elder care is their struggle to make ends meet when they are on a tight budget, especially during the winter when their energy costs are more than they are used to paying. Fortunately, there are several things that seniors and their in-home care providers can do both inside and outside of the home to help seniors prepare for the cold months and keep their energy costs down.   Heating Maintenance Regular maintenance ... Read more

Addressing the Pain and Discomfort of an Ear Infection

Senior Care in Mt. Gilead OH Generally caused by viral or bacterial infections, an ear infection can be an extremely painful experience for your elderly parent, and while they are most common during childhood, they are also possible during adulthood, meaning that you are likely to encounter such an illness during your senior care efforts with your parent. Though these infections can seem like they come out of nowhere much like a cold or the flu, they can also be the result ... Read more

It’s Important to Listen to Dad About Senior Care

 Senior Care in Mt. Gilead OH Many people may think they know what their elderly loved ones need, but if they don’t have a clear focus on what they truly desire, it may be difficult to help them find the right level of support.  One of the biggest priorities for family members when their aging loved ones are dealing with a health emergency, recovering from a hospitalization, or having difficulty getting around safely on their own is to ensure safety. The last ... Read more