Natural Options to Handle the Pain of Aging

As someone gets older, they are more likely to be in pain. With the bone loss they experience and the weakness in their body, this alone can cause them pain. However, many elderly adults also experience back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and other painful conditions. If you are caring for an elderly adult, it is important to know that many prescription pain medications can lead them to have an addiction. The good news is there are many natural options to handle ... Read more

Why Is Hearing Loss a Big Deal for Your Aging Adult?

Over time, your elderly adult may slowly start to lose her hearing. Sure, that makes some things more difficult for her, but is it really that important? It turns out that her hearing affects so many aspects of your senior's life. Hearing Loss Affects Relationships You might look at hearing loss as simply an inconvenience or something that makes life occasionally more difficult for her. But hearing loss can do so much more than that. Her relationships with you and with other people ... Read more

How can Identity Thieves Steal Your Elderly Loved One’s Information?

If you are responsible for the elderly care of an aging loved one, you might already be aware that seniors are at an even higher risk for identity theft than their younger counterparts. This is due to many reasons, one being that the thieves might think that can get away with it easier, or that your loved one’s information is easier to steal. Regardless of their reasoning, though, there are several ways that identity thieves can go about stealing your elderly mother ... Read more

How the Elderly Can Maintain a Healthy Cholesterol

Elderly Care in Wooster OH When an elderly person’s cholesterol gets too high, they are at a higher rate of developing a stroke, heart attack, or heart disease. The result of these conditions may also be a shortened life. Sure, seniors can take medication to control their cholesterol levels, but it takes more than just a pill to lower bad cholesterol. With the help and encouragement of an elderly care professional and other family members, the senior will be able to make healthy ... Read more

Protect Aging Adults: Flu Prevention 101

Elderly Care in Wooster OH The flu can be an inconvenience for a healthy adult, but for the elderly and particularly those in home care who frequently have compromised immune systems, it can be a deadly virus. The flu comes in as the fourth most common cause of death in older populations, and estimates put deaths of the elderly caused by the flu each season between 80-90% of total deaths. 50-70% of hospitalizations related to the flu each season are for those ... Read more