Caring for Someone with GERD

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, can be a huge problem for your aging family member. It can be so irritating to her that she might even stop eating, which can put her at risk of developing malnutrition. What She Eats Matters Everyone has slightly different trigger foods, but there are foods that in general make GERD worse. Foods that are high in fat content, like fried foods, or foods that have a stimulating effect can have a bigger impact than other foods. Spicy ... Read more

Mental Benefits of Cooking with Your Aging Parent

Elderly Care in Bellville OH Many people say that the kitchen is the heart of the house. This is where people tend to congregate when spending time in the home, and where you prepare meals and snacks to show your love and nurturing to your family and friends. For many elderly adults, the kitchen holds an abundance of happy memories and is a place where they feel comfortable and familiar. Studies have shown that getting into the kitchen and spending some time cooking ... Read more

Adaptive Household Products for the Kitchen

Elderly Care in Bellville OH With an elderly family member who may be struggling with reduced dexterity, flexibility, and strength, sometimes the simplest household tasks seem to be Herculean in nature. So if you are at all involved in elder care, you may want to know (and share with your loved ones) some of the revolutionary adaptive products that are out on the market. And, if you're looking for a helpful holiday gift for a beloved family member, you might want to ... Read more