Tips for Fast Relief on National Winter Skin Relief Day

January 8th is National Winter Skin Relief Day. As a family caregiver, it is extremely important for you to understand how dangerous dry and irritated skin can be for an elderly adult. Seniors tend to have skin that is more vulnerable, thinner, dryer, and more easily damaged than that of younger people. This can then make them vulnerable to infections that further compromise their immune system and can potentially put them at risk for further illness and infection. Proper skin care is ... Read more

7 Tips for Connecting with an Older Adult with Dementia

Caregiver in Loudonville OH Communicating with seniors who have dementia can be extremely challenging for their caregivers. The more progressive the disease becomes, the more difficult it is for the elder to vocalize their thoughts, feelings, and wants. On top of their inability to communicate, older adults with dementia are also unable to care for themselves, requiring 24 hour supervision. Learning to understand what your loved one wants to say without the use of words is not easy, but there are 7 ways ... Read more

Advice For the New Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Loudonville OH When aging loved ones have reached a point where they need help because they’ve decided to age in place and require assistance, this is when a family caregiver is enlisted. It’s not uncommon for someone new to this roll to feel anxious, worried, and overwhelmed with their new responsibilities and roles. However, with some careful planning and advice, the experience can switch from stressful to pleasant in no time at all. When seeking out the support of other ... Read more