What Do You Need to Know about Installing Grab Bars in Your Loved One’s Home?

Senior Care in Wooster OH Grab bars or hand rails make quick work of boosting the safety factor in your loved one's home. Knowing some of this information can help you to make sure that they're as effective as possible. Grab Bars Are Inexpensive All things considered, grab bars are a relatively inexpensive way to help ensure your loved one's safety at home. You can buy kits that have all the hardware and the railing that you need, but those can be more pricey. ... Read more

Relieve Daily Stresses of Alzheimer’s Disease With These Tips

Senior Care in Wooster OH Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be a stressful around-the-clock job, especially as the disease progresses. Not only do these family caregivers often have to take time off of work or cut back on hours, but they also have a difficult time keeping themselves healthy. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 74 percent of caregivers report they feel “somewhat” to “very” concerned over maintaining their own health. As your loved one’s health begins to deteriorate due to ... Read more

American Diabetes Awareness Month and Senior Care

Senior Care in Wooster OH Becoming an ambassador of change during American Diabetes Awareness Month can occur at any age. The reason being is because diabetes is one of the primary causes of disabilities, as well as fatalities in America. When left uncontrolled, individuals of all ages can experience blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage, and other health issues. Those assisting their loved ones with elder care can tackle these issues during American Diabetes Awareness Month by participating in events with them, or ... Read more

The Benefits of Reading with Age

Senior Care in Wooster OH Reading is fun and fundamental—at least that is how the old saying goes. As children, the world comes alive through storybooks. Whether it is from a book being read to you at night by your parents and guardians or an adventure tale that you are making up as you played with your friends, fictional stories taught us about friendship, hard work, and the merits of perseverance and commitment. For too many people the enjoyment that comes with reading ... Read more