What Can You Do if You Suspect Your Loved One’s Needs Are Changing?

One of the features of helping an elderly loved one as her caregiver is that her needs may change without you realizing it. if you're suspecting that your loved one needs more from you and from other family members, try going through some of these ideas to assess what's going on. Talk to Your Loved One First The first step is to talk to your loved one about your suspicions. In some cases, you might simply be feeling overprotective of your loved one. ... Read more

Tips for Involving a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease in Meal Preparation

Senior Care in Loudonville OH Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult with Alzheimer’s disease can pose many challenges. One of the most pressing is how you can balance their need for care, support, and assistance, with their continued need for independence and autonomy. Even as your aging parent is progressing through the disease they still value the sense of being independent and having control over their life. Going through the same types of tasks that they did in their younger ... Read more

Keeping the Refrigerator Healthy and Clean

Senior Care in Loudonville OH Helping keep your parent's home clean, fresh, and healthy is an important part of your senior care efforts for them. Not only does this make the home more comfortable and pleasant to live in or visit, but it also helps to reduce the chances of your parent experiencing an illness, infection, or irritation to allergies. One area of the home that is often overlooked during cleaning efforts is the refrigerator. This piece of equipment is a part ... Read more

July is National Grilling Month

Senior Care in Loudonville OH The month of July is well into the summer season and a time to try something new. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared July to be National Grilling Month. July can be used to spice up the menu of one in senior care and maybe be a source of anticipation for someone receiving home care. Variety Meals can get boring, especially if prepared the same way each week. A simple change from broiling chicken to grilling chicken can ... Read more