Emergency Preparedness for a Senior Who Has Difficulty Communicating

Senior Care in Galion OH Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult who has communication issues can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to preparing for events when communication and quick action are essential, such as during an emergency or disaster situation. September is National Preparedness Month. This is the ideal opportunity for you to put plans into place that ensure that your loved one can handle an emergency or disaster situation in the best way even as ... Read more

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis in Your Loved One

Senior Care in Galion OH Most people expect that they will experience some pain and stiffness in their joints as they get older, and will likely lose some of their mobility and range of motion. While this is not true for all people, it is common for older people to experience some of these symptoms. For 50 million adults throughout the United States, however, these symptoms are not just uncomfortable indications of getting older. For these people, accounting for 20 percent of ... Read more