Top Fire Safety Tips for Your Aging Parent

Senior Care in Ashland OH Each year the risk of fire increases around the holiday season. Faulty decorations, outdated heating systems, and unsafe choices can put your aging loved one at serious risk of experiencing a fire. As a family caregiver it is important that you focus energy and attention on reducing this risk. Helping them to understand these risks and make the right decisions can help to protect them from property loss, injuries, and even death.   Top fire safety tips for your ... Read more

Senior Care Fun: Visiting a Hands-on Aquarium with Your Parents

Senior Care in Ashland OH Going out on adventures is a fantastic way to enhance your senior care journey with your elderly loved ones and pursue your care goals for them in a way that is engaging, interesting, and meaningful for everyone involved. One particularly fun and exciting activity for you to do together is heading to a local aquarium. Great any time of the year, whether it is simply too cold to be outside, so hot you want to escape into ... Read more

Tips for Keeping Seniors Safe if Disaster Strikes

Senior Care in Ashland OH Turning on the news brings stories of disaster from around the world, such as drought, flooding, and even earthquakes.  Therefore, it is essential for adult children and elder care providers to have a plan in the event a disaster does strike. Caring for a senior can be challenging, especially when the conditions are less than ideal; however, being prepared and having a plan can help to ease everyone’s mind, including the senior's. While planning for a disaster or an emergency may not seem ... Read more