What Behavior Can You Watch for to Determine When Your Loved One Should Stop Driving?

Home Care in Wooster OH Sometimes your loved one's behaviors when she's not driving can actually help you to determine when it's time to talk about hanging up her car keys. She's Having Trouble with Spatial Abilities If your loved one is having a difficult time judging and gauging space and distance, driving is likely a huge issue for her. Knowing where the edges and corners of the car are is essential to being able to drive properly. Pay attention to how your loved ... Read more

Home Care Issues: Are Your Parents Really at a Disadvantage Because They Are “Old”?

Home Care in Wooster OH Adult children start home care arrangements with their loved ones for a wide variety of reasons, from a diagnosis with a serious medical condition such as cancer or Alzheimer's disease, to simply noticing that their parents are having a bit more trouble around the house or handling their daily tasks. No matter what the reason that you started this care arrangement with them, however, stepping into the role of being a family caregiver for your parents or ... Read more