s It Alzheimer’s Disease or Just Forgetfulness?

Elderly Care in Ashland OH As a caregiver for your elderly parent it is easy to react strongly when your loved one shows symptoms of what could be a serious condition. One situation when this is very common is if your parent forgets a name or has difficulty remembering something such as what they did the day before or a bit of information that they just recently learned. Your first instinct will likely be to assume it is Alzheimer's disease. Before you ... Read more

Dealing With Obesity in the Elderly

Elderly Care in Ashland OH There are a number of health problems that elderly people face, and one of them is obesity. As people age, some of them gain weight more easily. A sedentary lifestyle that comes about because of the aging process may make it more difficult to lose weight. This is also true of medications, many of which can cause weight gain. With that in mind, there is more that can be done to help elderly people who are overweight ... Read more