Knowing the Difference between Dementia and Depression

Dementia and depression are two very different diseases and yet, in the elderly, they can have remarkable similarities, leading to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatments. According to Dr. Keith Ablow, psychiatrist, author, and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team, “A million or more Americans who have been diagnosed with dementia (including Alzheimer’s dementia), which is debilitating and incurable, are actually suffering from major depression—and that is completely curable in more than 90 percent of cases.” Why the Misdiagnosis? Dementia and depression have many ... Read more

Why Older Adults Should be Using Audiobooks

Elder Care in Mansfield OH Reading is a great way to keep the brain stimulated, as well as providing entertainment for the reader. Elders with a medical condition or vision loss that makes it impossible to read do not have to give up their love of books. Instead, audiobooks is a great alternative to its page-turning counterparts. Audiobooks are similar to having someone read a story to you and can be done alone or with the help of an elder care provider. With ... Read more