What Can Put Your Aging Loved One at Risk for Tuberculosis?

Many people might think of tuberculosis as a thing of the past, but you can be assured that this once-devastating disease is still alive and well. Although it saw a massive outbreak in the 20th century, in today’s society, tuberculosis is more rare, and more treatable. Tuberculosis, an infectious lung disease, is spread by airborne germs. One must usually be in contact with these germs for a long time before they can grow and the person becomes sick. When they do become ... Read more

How to Handle Unwanted Weight Loss

Elder Care in Ashland OH Martha had always been a somewhat overweight woman. She had been heavier than an ideal weight throughout her young adulthood and as she grew older, she simply continued to gain. Finally she decided that enough was enough and focused her attention on ridding herself of the extra pounds. Over a few years she managed to lose most of her extra weight and was finally within the range of a healthy weight. Then Martha began to show signs ... Read more