Signs that Your Senior is Not Getting Enough to Eat

Inadequate nutrition is a potentially dangerous issue for elderly adults, leading to increased risk for a wide variety of health problems and complications, but unfortunately a large percentage of the older adult population of the United States lives with chronic malnutrition. In fact, experts note that between 29 and 61 percent of elderly adults who are admitted to the hospital for any cause arrive with malnutrition. Being able to recognize the possibility of malnutrition is important for you as a caregiver ... Read more

How Can You Help a Senior Cope with Fears after Heart Surgery?

Caregiver in Lexington OH Being a caregiver is a multifaceted role. You love your parent and want to nurture and protect them so that they can live a happy and comfortable quality of life. At the same time you are a caregiver, which means that you need to address their physical, mental, and emotional needs in a way that keeps them healthy and safe. One time when these different facets combine is after your parent undergoes heart surgery. Many people suffer from fears ... Read more

Finding Balance through Music: How the Right Caregiver Can Make a World of Difference

Caregiver in Lexington OH How important is it to find the ‘right’ caregiver? There are millions of caregivers working throughout the country. There are even more family members who are taking care of their elderly loved ones. According to the AARP, there are an estimated 44.4 million caregivers taking care of elderly and disabled loved ones right now.  Many of those caregivers don’t have any prior experience. The vast majority of them are middle aged or older women taking care of parents. Without ... Read more