What Elders Need to Know About Dental Hygiene

Elder Care in Lexington OH Dental problems become an even bigger problem among elderly adults than it does for any other age group. By not properly caring for their teeth, they could be at risk for a number of oral problems and gum diseases. Although age is not the only factor that causes hygiene problems, some medical conditions can make it much more difficult for the elder to floss and brush their teeth.If this is true for your elderly parent, a senior ... Read more

What You Should Know About the Flu and Your Aging Parent 

Elderly Care in Mansfield OH The fall is here and that means that if you are like many family caregivers, you are thinking about the cold and flu season. This is a time when your elderly parent is extremely vulnerable to illness and infection, putting them at serious risk of dangerous health complications. Since elderly adults have a less effective immune system than younger adults, an infection or illness that might seem minor to a younger adult can develop into something very ... Read more

Is Senior Care Beneficial During the End-of-Life Transition?

Senior Care in Shelby OH The end-of-life transition is an eventuality that no family caregiver wants to think about, but that every caregiver needs to. This is because that while this transition might be extremely difficult to handle for your parent and for you, preparing for it and planning well in advance can help you to feel more confident as you move through this period in your care journey, and help your parent to maintain peace of mind as they go forward.One ... Read more

Emergency Preparedness for a Senior Who Has Difficulty Communicating

Senior Care in Galion OH Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult who has communication issues can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to preparing for events when communication and quick action are essential, such as during an emergency or disaster situation. September is National Preparedness Month. This is the ideal opportunity for you to put plans into place that ensure that your loved one can handle an emergency or disaster situation in the best way even as ... Read more

What Can You Do to Help a Loved One with Vision Problems Continue to Live Independently?

Home Care in Crestline OH Loved ones with vision problems can face many different challenges, but the scariest one can be the thought of being force to give up their independence. Some small changes can make a huge difference for your loved one, even helping her keep her living situation the way that she wants it.Use Lighting, Drapes, and Mirrors WiselyGlare and poor lighting can combine to create big problems for a loved one who has vision problems. If you add in ... Read more

7 Tips for Connecting with an Older Adult with Dementia

Caregiver in Loudonville OH Communicating with seniors who have dementia can be extremely challenging for their caregivers. The more progressive the disease becomes, the more difficult it is for the elder to vocalize their thoughts, feelings, and wants. On top of their inability to communicate, older adults with dementia are also unable to care for themselves, requiring 24 hour supervision.Learning to understand what your loved one wants to say without the use of words is not easy, but there are 7 ways ... Read more

Boosting Your Parent’s Mental Health during Be Kind To Humankind Week

Elder Care in Mt. Gilead OH August 25 through 31 is Be Kind To Humankind Week. This is the ideal opportunity for your aging parent to find fun and engaging ways to give back to the community around them. Not only will this help them to improve the lives of others around them, but will also give them a boost in their own mental and emotional health. Let these ideas inspire you for ways that your parent can boost and maintain their mental ... Read more

Top Tools to Encourage More Independence When Outside the Home

Senior Care in Bellville OH Independence is something that most people value highly, especially as they get older and realize that they are dealing with challenges and limitations that threaten their ability handle their basic care tasks. By encouraging your parent to maintain as much of their independence as possible no matter what they are doing you help them to stay healthier, stronger, and feeling more in control of their life. Some of the tools that you can use to encourage more independence ... Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Strep Throat

Home Care in Lexington OH It might still be summer, but that does not mean that illness will not strike. Many people are under the misconception that sickness only occurs during the fall and winter months. The truth, however, is that bacterial and viral illnesses can occur at any time of the year, and many people fall victim to these illnesses during the summer months because of the constant exposure to air conditioning and indoor air that can be contaminated by the ... Read more

How to Improve Your Own Mood as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Mansfield OH Did you know that you can improve your own mood, all on your own? It's true, but some people find this more difficult than other people do.Choose Your Attitude for Each DayIt sounds so easy to say that you can choose your own attitude every day, but it's true. You can go into every day fearing the worst and expecting everything to be awful or you can face each day knowing that you are the one in charge ... Read more
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