Employees Hope to Win the Lottery at Central Star Home Health Care

Elderly Care in Mansfield OH Would you love to win the lottery?  Well one lucky employee of Central Star Home Health Care can win just for being an employee.  Beginning this week all employees will be entered into a drawing for a lottery tree to be given away at the Holiday Party in December.  The tree contains over $100 in Ohio lottery tickets and the employees cannot wait to hear if their name is the lucky one.As a thank you to recognize ... Read more

How Do You Know What Types of Alzheimer’s Symptoms Your Parent Will Experience?

Elder Care in Bellville OH More than 5 million people throughout the United States are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. If you are a family caregiver for one of these adults, you know how important it is for you to plan ahead and be as ready as you can be for the challenges that they will face in their journey. One question that you might have is which types of symptoms they are going to experience. While it is important that you ... Read more

Concerns of the Elderly

Home Care in Mansfield OH As people age, their needs and wants vary, but there are a few desires that are universal.Safety—They want to feel safe and secure and, to this end, have an affordable housing situation that feels like home. Health—They want to remain healthy. They want to feel vital and strong and remain independent for as long as possible. This includes the ability to remain mobile and have transportation easily at their disposal. Emotional Well-Being—They want to know that ... Read more

What Do You Need to Know about Installing Grab Bars in Your Loved One’s Home?

Senior Care in Wooster OH Grab bars or hand rails make quick work of boosting the safety factor in your loved one's home. Knowing some of this information can help you to make sure that they're as effective as possible.Grab Bars Are InexpensiveAll things considered, grab bars are a relatively inexpensive way to help ensure your loved one's safety at home. You can buy kits that have all the hardware and the railing that you need, but those can be more pricey. ... Read more

How Pharmacists and Caregivers can Work Together

Caregiver in Ashland OH Many older adults suffer from at least one chronic health problem that requires them to take medication to sustain a healthy life. Caregivers are often needed to help these seniors with tasks they are no longer able to do, as well as providing the support and companionship elders are in need of. If you think about it, elderly care providers and pharmacists need to work together. After all, it is usually the caregiver who needs to constantly communicate ... Read more

Tips for Involving a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease in Meal Preparation

Senior Care in Loudonville OH Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult with Alzheimer’s disease can pose many challenges. One of the most pressing is how you can balance their need for care, support, and assistance, with their continued need for independence and autonomy. Even as your aging parent is progressing through the disease they still value the sense of being independent and having control over their life. Going through the same types of tasks that they did in their younger ... Read more

4 Energy Saving Tips to Help Seniors Save Money During the Winter

Senior Care in Mt. Gilead OH One of the most common concerns with elder care is their struggle to make ends meet when they are on a tight budget, especially during the winter when their energy costs are more than they are used to paying. Fortunately, there are several things that seniors and their in-home care providers can do both inside and outside of the home to help seniors prepare for the cold months and keep their energy costs down. Heating MaintenanceRegular maintenance ... Read more

How to Make Meal Time Easier for a Loved One Who Has Trouble Chewing or Swallowing

Home Care in Bellville OH If your elderly loved one has difficulty swallowing or chewing, you likely already know that meal times can become complicated very quickly. Try some of these techniques to see which work best for your elderly loved one.Avoid Foods that Break up or Crumble Too EasilyWhen you serve your loved one foods that break up or crumble very easily, they're likely to pose a significant problem simply getting them to her mouth. This is also a pretty good ... Read more

What Elders Need to Know About Dental Hygiene

Elder Care in Lexington OH Dental problems become an even bigger problem among elderly adults than it does for any other age group. By not properly caring for their teeth, they could be at risk for a number of oral problems and gum diseases. Although age is not the only factor that causes hygiene problems, some medical conditions can make it much more difficult for the elder to floss and brush their teeth.If this is true for your elderly parent, a senior ... Read more

What You Should Know About the Flu and Your Aging Parent 

Elderly Care in Mansfield OH The fall is here and that means that if you are like many family caregivers, you are thinking about the cold and flu season. This is a time when your elderly parent is extremely vulnerable to illness and infection, putting them at serious risk of dangerous health complications. Since elderly adults have a less effective immune system than younger adults, an infection or illness that might seem minor to a younger adult can develop into something very ... Read more
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