Things to Watch Out for in Your Elderly Loved One

If you are taking care of your elderly loved one, it is important that you watch out for certain things. Before getting into these things, you will want to make sure you are always doing what is best for them. If you do happen to notice any red flags, it is important to do something about it right away. Eating Unhealthy or Weight Changes Do you notice that your loved one is eating unhealthy foods? Maybe they just aren’t eating nearly enough. Have ... Read more

What Can You Do if Your Senior Believes She’s Developing Alzheimer’s Disease?

Sometimes aging adults experience cognitive changes or memory troubles and become concerned that they’re developing Alzheimer’s disease. If that’s the case for your senior, there are some steps you need to take in order to help her to approach the topic from a fact-based standpoint. Once you have answers, you’ll know how to best proceed. Ask Her Why She Believes She’s Developing Alzheimer’s Disease Try to avoid any sort of knee jerk reactions when your senior brings this topic up. If she truly ... Read more

Four Things to Know about Caring for Your Child’s Tracheostomy

Your child might have a condition that requires a tracheostomy in order to allow her to breathe. Sometimes a trach is a temporary situation, but it might have to be a permanent solution, depending on other details. That means that you need to know everything that you can learn about taking care of your child’s tracheostomy. Practice Before Your Child Is Discharged Before your child is discharged from the hospital, her doctor and nurses will give you a chance to practice cleaning and ... Read more

Five Ideas for Making Vision Loss Easier on Your Senior

It’s incredibly difficult to start losing your vision when you’ve always relied on it in the past. Your senior may have some emotional responses to her vision loss that surprise you, in fact. Finding ways to make vision loss less of a difficulty for her is essential. Talk to Her Eye Doctor Just because your senior is losing her vision, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need her eye doctor. Her eye doctor can still help to determine if her eyes are healthy and ... Read more

Natural Options to Handle the Pain of Aging

As someone gets older, they are more likely to be in pain. With the bone loss they experience and the weakness in their body, this alone can cause them pain. However, many elderly adults also experience back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and other painful conditions. If you are caring for an elderly adult, it is important to know that many prescription pain medications can lead them to have an addiction. The good news is there are many natural options to handle ... Read more

Four Ways to Keep Your Preemie Healthier During Flu Season

There are so many variables about keeping your preemie healthy, especially during flu season. The thing to remember, though, is that some of those variables may be more controllable than you thought. Don’t Smoke and Stay Away from Smoke Tobacco smoke, especially secondhand smoke, can damage your baby’s lungs and make her more susceptible to lung infections and to possibly getting sick from other people’s germs. If you smoke, make sure that you keep smoke away from the baby. Smoke outside and put ... Read more

Are Your Words and Actions Causing Anxiety With Your Dad?

Are you stressed? Are your words and actions increasing anxiety in not only you but also your dad? It's a common issue with family caregivers. You're stressed and struggling. Even if you don't mean to give off a negative vibe, you are and your dad notices. He may start to blame himself and feel like a failure. It's time to change this. How to Stay Positive When You Feel Negative One of the hardest parts of being a caregiver is keeping a positive ... Read more

How Can You Determine it’s Time for Your Senior to Stop Driving?

Some caregivers and seniors believe that age is the big factor that decides whether someone should stop driving or not. But in reality, age doesn’t have as much to do with this big decision as other factors do. Here are some of the other considerations that should go into making the driving decision. Can She Respond to Situations Quickly? Driving is about responding quickly and accurately to what’s going on outside the vehicle. If your senior’s reflexes are slowing down, she might find driving ... Read more

Four Reasons to Turn to Senior Care After a Hospitalization

Getting home from the hospital is an exciting time. But it might not be as easy as you expect and hope that it will be, especially if your senior’s situation is a complicated one. But senior care can help. Some Tasks Are Overwhelming at Home Some of the things that the nursing staff handled at the hospital are a lot trickier for you to handle at home, even after some examples. Plus, there are everyday tasks that are likely more difficult now, too, ... Read more

Are There Less Common Signs of a Stroke?

Every two minutes, three people in the U.S. has a stroke. Every four minutes, someone dies because of a stroke. Many of these strokes are ischemic, meaning a blockage prevents blood from flowing. Catching the stroke as early as possible and seeking immediate treatment is critical. The chances of spotting a stroke improve if you are aware of some of the uncommon signs. Most people know the basic signs of a stroke. One side of the face droops. The speech is slurred. ... Read more
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