Four Benefits You Miss if You Don’t Hire Homecare Services

If it feels as if you’re just not able to stay on top of everything, no matter how much you do, you might have better luck when you reach out for help. Homecare services can help with a variety of different situations and you might not even realize just yet how much they can take off your shoulders. Family Relationships Often Experience Less Strain When you and your senior are able to get the help that you need, you’re not struggling with getting ... Read more

Healing After Surgery: What Foods Will Help Your Loved One?

Did your loved one just have surgery or are they about to go into surgery in the next week or so? If this is the case for your loved one, it may be time to stock up on certain foods for them that promote healing after surgery. There are some foods that will help promote faster healing and others that will make your loved one feel better during their recovery period, as well. Berries There are many different berries that can be great ... Read more

Understanding What Sarcopenia Is and How It Will Affect Your Mom

Have you ever heard of the health condition called sarcopenia? Learn more about what sarcopenia is and how it will affect your mom's physical and mental health. With the right care plan, sarcopenia doesn't have to keep her from enjoying her favorite hobbies and activities. Understand What Sarcopenia Is Sarcopenia is a medical condition that affects as many as 16 percent of the elderly. It's a condition related to getting older where muscle mass diminishes. It occurs in people who lead more sedentary ... Read more

Helping Your Loved One with Diabetes Through the Use of Senior Care

You may easily assume that your senior loved one is easily able to manage their type 2 diabetes care, especially if it doesn’t usually affect other issues like mobility or memory. However, there could be other problems that come along with diabetes care needed by your senior. Luckily, senior care can help with lifestyle management while your loved one attempts to get used to living with diabetes. This can be difficult, especially as there are needed changes with things like diet, exercise, ... Read more

How Can You Handle Tough Discussions with Your Aging Adult?

Just because your senior needs your help that doesn’t mean that you’re automatically right all the time as far as she’s concerned. In fact, there are probably going to be some times that you as her caregiver have to put your foot down and have some difficult talks about what’s going to happen next. Neither of you might enjoy this, but it’s still necessary to hash things out. Bring Notes and Reminders Tough discussions sometimes mean that you’re nervous or that you feel ... Read more

The Link Between Oral Health and Blood Pressure

As people age, certain daily activities of living can become more difficult than they were in the past. One task that can be hard is brushing teeth. Arthritic hands with poor grip and hands that tremble can make holding a toothbrush or putting toothpaste on it hard to do. However, good oral health is important no matter what a person’s age is. In fact, a new study shows there is a link between oral health and blood pressure. How Oral Health Impacts ... Read more

Four Excuses Your Senior Might Have about Exercise

If you’ve been trying to convince your senior to take up a little bit of exercise, she might have had some reasons not to do so. To be fair, some of her reasons may well be valid, but there might be some reasons that don’t hold as much water. Always rely on what her doctor recommends in terms of exercise and moving more. Athleticism Is an Activity of the Past In the past, your elderly family member might have been quite the athlete. ... Read more

How Do You Prepare Your Dad for a Lengthy Power Outage?

Extended power outages negatively impact all ages. They can be especially alarming to an aging parent who lives alone. Make sure your dad is prepared for a lengthy power outage by using this checklist. Keep Non-Perishable Foods and Water Bottles on Hand During a long outage, your dad may not have access to water. If he's on a well, the pump isn't going to be running. If there was a flood, his water may not be safe. Make sure there are several gallons ... Read more

What are the Signs of Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that most often occurs in women who are in their 50's or 60's. It starts in the ovaries, which are part of the female reproductive system. The ovaries are located on either side of the uterus. It is their job to produce eggs and hormones, like estrogen. They are tiny. Each is only about the size of an almond. This means that cancer in the ovaries often isn’t discovered until it has spread to ... Read more

Making Your Task List Efficient and Helpful

Your task list can feel like a ball and chain around your ankle or it can help you to get more accomplished than you ever dreamed possible. Here’s how you can make yours more efficient. Share Your List with Others If you’ve got other people offering to help, take them up on that. Share your task list, either electronically or otherwise, with friends and family members and homecare providers. This allows them to see what there is to do and how they can ... Read more
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