A Heartfelt Thank You Goes Out To Our Dedicated Employees

We want to personally thank each of the amazing employees at Central Star Home Health Care for choosing to continue your dedication to our mission and for your commitment to ensure the safety and health of each of our clients. Home Health Care has become a frontline force in the fight against the Corona Virus. It is in times like this that our appreciation and admiration are heightened. Each day you go to work your selfless and compassionate nature shines and ... Read more

Early Alzheimer’s Signs You Should Watch Out For

Some people will develop Alzheimer’s disease and their family members will think it came out of nowhere. However, there may have been some early Alzheimer’s disease signs that the family members missed or didn’t think were related to the disease. When caring for an elderly family member, you and your loved one’s home health care providers should keep an eye out for these early warning signs. If you recognize them, you should have your elderly loved one see their doctor so ... Read more

Risk Factors for Mental Health Illness in the Elderly

Unfortunately, there are many mental health illnesses present in the elderly. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are just a few of them. If you are taking care of an elderly citizen, maybe even a loved one, there are some risk factors you should know about that may cause them to have a mental health illness. If you find the elderly citizen you are taking care of needs extra help because of mental health illness, you can hire an elderly care provider to ... Read more

An Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

An Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) A message from Central Star Home Health Care President/CEO, Stephen Sternbach **************************************************************************************** To our valued Clients and Employees, In these times of uncertainty, we want you to know that the safety and health of clients and employees are always a top priority. Now more than ever, our business is you. As we continue to monitor developments and navigate through these challenging circumstances, we want you to know that you can rely on us always to put your health and safety first. One ... Read more

Exercises That Can Keep Your Senior in the Driver’s Seat

Your senior may have resisted exercise in the past, but if she knew that it could keep her in the driver’s seat of her car longer, do you think she might have a change of heart? Always check with your senior’s doctor about what type and amount of exercise is right for her before she starts any new programs. Exercises to Build Her Strength Strength and muscle tone are a huge concern for older adults, but they’re especially important if your elderly family ... Read more

Five Tips for Keeping Your Preemie’s Skin Safe in Winter

Premature babies can sometimes have more difficulty with temperature regulation and skin issues than babies who aren’t preemies. Knowing what to do for your baby’s skin during cold winter weather can help immensely. Bathe Sparingly with Soap-free Cleansers Babies don’t get nearly as dirty as toddlers do, and as such they don’t need full baths every single day. When it is time for a bath, the water needs to be lukewarm rather than hot, for several reasons. First, you don’t want to risk ... Read more


Central Star Home Health Care would like to recognize our Employee of the Month, Natasha W. She has been working as a State Trained Nursing Assistant (STNA) for fourteen years and we were thrilled to have hired her at Central Star in September. Natasha stated that she embarked upon the profession of a STNA because she “enjoys helping others that cannot do things for themselves”. Her selfless personality is reflected in everything she does. She has exemplified our Mission “to meet ... Read more

What Can Help a Senior Who Is Experiencing Diminished Eyesight?

Vision changes are something your aging family member might not be prepared to deal with at this stage of her life. It’s not uncommon for aging adults to lose their eyesight, but someone who has never experienced vision problems can find this to be an extremely uncomfortable situation. Talk to Her Eye Doctor If your senior is experiencing changing vision and hasn’t been to her eye doctor in a while, it’s time to set up an appointment. There may be more going on ... Read more

Five Ways to Help Your Brain Keep up with Caregiving Demands

When you’re a caregiver, you expect your brain to keep up with everything that’s going on. But if you’re starting to feel run down and having a hard time thinking properly, you might need to try some of these ideas. Quit Making Your Brain Remember Stuff Your brain is designed to do more thinking than remembering. And when you’re forcing your brain to remember a lot of little details, they’re going to start to go missing. The easy fix for this, and one ... Read more

What Does it Mean to Have a Special Needs Child?

Every special needs child is unique and amazing in their own right, but they’re facing some extra challenges that a lot of children never have to face. Special needs children can manage a great many of these additional challenges with help from you, their medical team, and often from pediatric home health care services as well. There are so many different types of special needs, and many of them can overlap, creating even bigger challenges for children who are already dealing ... Read more
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