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With an elderly family member who may be struggling with reduced dexterity, flexibility, and strength, sometimes the simplest household tasks seem to be Herculean in nature. So if you are at all Elderly-Care-Bellville-OHinvolved in elder care, you may want to know (and share with your loved ones) some of the revolutionary adaptive products that are out on the market. And, if you’re looking for a helpful holiday gift for a beloved family member, you might want to go online to and search for arthritis products.

First and foremost, for an elderly person with tremors or arthritis, just handling themselves in the kitchen can be a challenge. But there are solutions, such as the electronic jar openers or a one-touch one-handed can opener. And there are specially adapted weighted utensils that make it easier to keep hands still while eating.  There are also weighted cups and bowls to prevent spilling. Plates with curved edges and bowls with wide rims can also help keep food from spilling out as they eat. Nonslip pads also are extremely useful kitchen aids to put under plates and keep spills to a minimum.

For food preparation, there are a wide variety of knives and cutting boards available. There are knives that have a saw-blade type handle, knives with a rounded rocking blade and an upright oversized handle, choppers that can use one or two hands and keep those fingers far away from the blades, and vertical knives that cut downward. There are cutting boards with spikes and holders to keep food in place so the elderly can use their hands for cutting and not have to have the hand strength in one hand for cutting and the other for holding down the food. Of course there are special scissors as well with a loop design so they don’t have to get their fingers into those small holes. There are also pot stabilizers that keep pots and pans from moving while they are stirring so they don’t have to have one hand on the handle.

Measuring, scooping, and pouring can also be challenging for anyone with arthritis but there are specially made adaptive products in these areas as well. Highlights include extra-large and cushioned handles, large-font and easy to read measurement lines, and come in an angled direction so they can be read from above.

Food storage can also be tricky with slippery plastic bag storage and traditional bag clips that require nimble fingers. But there are specially made bag clips with one-handed operation that can easily keep food fresh. All you have to do is look.

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About the author: Tracy Clark
Tracy began working for Star Multi Care as the Administrator of the Mansfield, Ohio office in March, 2012. In January, 2014 she was relocated to Florida to assume the role as Branch Administrator of the Pembroke Pines and subsequently the Home Health Liaison until coming back to Ohio in June, 2015. Prior to working at Star Multi Care, Tracy attended Marion Technical School for Business Administration and served as a United States Army Medic during Desert Shield. However, her true life’s work was awakened while spending 12 years in the long term care and assisted living arena. She quickly learned that assisting older adults was a passion that could not be denied. Tracy takes pride in being able to meet with each of her clients upon admission. Getting to know each of them enables her to personalize the care they receive and to direct her staff to ensure they receive the highest quality of care. In addition to her role as Home Health Liaison, Tracy has always been active in her community. She has served on the Salvation Army Advisory Board as Secretary, is a Certified Salvation Army National Disaster Responder, one of 1500 Specialists in 50 states to complete Mather LifeWays “PREPARE” training which trains professionals to address the medical and psychosocial needs of elderly residents affected by emergency situations, a member of the Advisory Committee for the Clinical Care Specialist Program at Madison Adult Career Center and is a member of various professional organizations throughout southeast Florida.