The Effects of a Stroke

The effects from a stroke vary from total recovery to permanent long-term disability. If your parent is suffering from some of the after-effects associated with this disease, know that they are not alone. Strokes affect more than 795,000 people in the United States every year. Movement Damage to the part of the brain that is responsible for movement, balance and coordination is fairly common. This can lead to paralysis or weakness on one side of the body. It can affect the whole side ... Read more

Facing an Uncertain Future with Mom Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

There are going to be plenty of times in your life when the future seems uncertain. One of those might be when you’re helping your elderly mother. There are an estimated 44 million family members providing care and support to elderly and disabled loved ones. These family caregivers often wonder exactly what the future is going to look like, especially when they first start providing this type of support. What do you expect? The first thing to ask yourself is exactly what you ... Read more

What Are the Best Things You Can Do for Your Own Emotional Support as a Family Caregiver?

Emotional support is essential for anyone who cares for other family members. If you're not feeling as emotionally supported as you need, look into trying one or more of these solutions. Seek Help and Support When you first start out on your caregiving journey, it can feel as though there's no one out there who understands what you're going through. The reality is that there are plenty of people who are also caregivers or who understand what caregiving entails. Talk to other family ... Read more

3 Ways a Senior Can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

According to WebMD, "cancer starts when (cancer) cells in the body begin to grow out of control". They can then spread to other areas of the body.  For prostate cancer, what we see is cancer cells that grow uncontrollably in the prostrate, a gland found only in males.  The treatments for prostate cancer typically include chemotherapy, surgery, cryotherapy, radiation, and/or hormonal therapy. For elderly parents, there are some ways to prevent prostate cancer that they can begin doing today.  These are: 1.  Eat Certain ... Read more

Sharing Technology with an Elderly Parent

Your parent may be a little tentative at embracing the age of technology. Using a computer may leave them feeling overwhelmed and agitated. Fortunately, society has recognized the need to help seniors incorporate the gifts that computers and other forms of technology can bring into their lives and has developed instructional tools just for this age group. OATS OATS stands for Older Adults Technology Services. It is a non-profit based in New York that offers free tech training for seniors. Learning with other ... Read more