Being Willing to Apologize When Caregiver Stress Gets the Best of You

Caregiver in Wooster OH Caregiver stress can be one of the most difficult issues that you face in your care journey with your elderly loved ones. Studies have shown that adult children who take on the role of being a primary caregiver for their aging parents are far more likely to experience high levels of stress, as well as the various mental, emotional, cognitive, and physical consequences of that stress, than adults of the same age who do not have that role. ... Read more

Elderly Care Outings: Stimulating Your Senior’s Mind at an Art Museum

Elderly Care in Mansfield OH Stimulating your senior's mind as a regular part of your elderly care efforts with him is an important part of keeping his cognitive functioning and memory skills sharp, and his mental and emotional health high. Together these help to ensure a more active, involved, and enjoyable quality of life throughout his later years. Planning regular outings with him is a fantastic way to support this efforts, and while there are virtually endless options when it comes to ... Read more

Cancer Prevention Month

Home Care in Ashland, OH The most important focus of your home care journey with your elderly parent is keeping her healthy so that she can live the highest quality of life possible throughout her aging years. February is Cancer Prevention Month. This month long health observation is designed as an opportunity for people to learn more about the various cancers, find out how they can evaluate their personal risks, and make steps toward improving their lifestyle and health approach to reduce ... Read more

Things All Seniors Should Do During American Heart Month (February)

Senior Care Bellville OH In 2015, President Barack Obama declared February as American Heart Month, continuing the tradition that has been in place since 1964 when February was first declared as American Heart Month.  February is the perfect month to dedicate to spreading awareness of heart health as American’s will be reminded of the heart wherever they go!  With Valentine cards and decorations galore, it will be hard to go anywhere without seeing the image of the heart - a great reminder ... Read more