Protect Aging Adults: Flu Prevention 101

Elderly Care in Wooster OH The flu can be an inconvenience for a healthy adult, but for the elderly and particularly those in home care who frequently have compromised immune systems, it can be a deadly virus. The flu comes in as the fourth most common cause of death in older populations, and estimates put deaths of the elderly caused by the flu each season between 80-90% of total deaths. 50-70% of hospitalizations related to the flu each season are for those ... Read more

Elderly Care Issues: Building a Strong Relationship with In-Home Care Professional

Home Care in Galion OH For many families weighing the options of senior care, hiring an in-home care professional is the ideal solution. There are as many situations as there are types of families, but there are certain issues that many people don't take into account ahead of time. For the best adjustment and outcome to bringing an elderly care expert into the family home full-time, it's important to work toward building a strong relationship with them. For those hiring a live-in ... Read more

Planning a Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

Senior Care in Lexington OH Thanksgiving is all about tradition, that's for sure. But if you're making a meal for one or more people who need to keep an eye on their heart health, it's possible that you might want to add a few innovations this year to the menu. Here are some ideas that can help, but you may also want to talk to your elderly loved one's medical team and home care providers to see if there are other changes ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Deep-Frying Turkey Safety

Senior Care in Mansfield OH As you prepare to make celebrating Thanksgiving with your aging loved ones, your partner, your children, and your extended family and friends part of your senior care journey, your mind may be filled with ideas for how to make this holiday even more special. Now that you are a family caregiver, you may have to change the way that you celebrate Thanksgiving so that you can still get all of the fun, joy, memories, and meaning out ... Read more