Tips for Keeping Seniors Safe if Disaster Strikes

Senior Care in Ashland OH Turning on the news brings stories of disaster from around the world, such as drought, flooding, and even earthquakes.  Therefore, it is essential for adult children and elder care providers to have a plan in the event a disaster does strike. Caring for a senior can be challenging, especially when the conditions are less than ideal; however, being prepared and having a plan can help to ease everyone’s mind, including the senior's. While planning for a disaster or an emergency may not seem ... Read more


Employees appear on The Dr. Oz Show On Monday, September 21, 2015 three Star Multi Care employees were seen on The Dr. Oz Show which highlighted the nursing profession.  The feature entitled, “Nurses Unite” spotlighted nurses and the nursing profession after a social media controversy ensued following a comment made from one of the hosts of The View after Miss Colorado’s utilized a nursing monologue during the talent competition of the Miss America pageant. To show his support of her efforts and the ... Read more

How to Interview a Home Care Provider

Home Care in Crestline OH If you have decided that starting a home care arrangement for your elderly loved ones would be a good way to enhance their daily life through additional care and assistance, companionship, and personalized support, your most important responsibility is going to be selecting the proper home care provider. Choosing the right care provider is vital for making sure that your parents will feel comfortable with her, that she will be able to form a trusting relationship with ... Read more

Helping Your Senior Loved One Cope with Chronic Pain

Senior Care in Shelby OH Chronic pain is not a normal part of aging.  Pain is considered a symptom of a disease or disorder, but is not an illness in and of itself.  While age increases the risk of health conditions that can cause pain, it is something that needs to be managed so seniors can continue to live with a positive quality of life.  Unfortunately, many seniors assume that pain is a normal part of aging and don't mention it to their physician because ... Read more

Telemedicine Technology Improves In-Home Pediatric Care

Pediatric Home Health Care in Loudonville OH According to mHealth Intelligence, children with special needs benefit from developments in telemedicine. Telemedicine enhances the support by professional in-home caregivers, who provide pediatric care as home care. Telemedicine allows physicians to check in with patients from remote locations. The doctors can see and speak with the patients as well as access vital signs, when the telemedicine systems are in place to transmit such information. For people in remote rural environments telemedicine allows a “live” doctor ... Read more