6 Ways to Show Appreciation to Elders on Senior Citizen’s Day

Elder Care in Loudonville OH Senior Citizen’s Day was first initiated by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 and has been used to acknowledge the contributions our elders have made to our community and the rest of the country. Below are some ideas to recognize the elders in your life on Senior Citizen's Day. 1. Visit them: Offer your ear and allow them to share their interests, memories, and knowledge with you. Also, asking questions will show the elder just how interested you are ... Read more

Healing Damaged Relationships through Elder Care

Elder Care in Mt. Gilead OH Engaging in an elder care plan with your aging parents is a powerful show of love, concern, and compassion. When there are damaged relationships at play, however, stepping into this role for them can feel more like torment that nurturing. Not all care relationships begin because an adult child wants to give back to his parents and return the support, love, and caring that he received from them when he was a child. Sometimes an elder ... Read more

July is National Grilling Month

Senior Care in Loudonville OH The month of July is well into the summer season and a time to try something new. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared July to be National Grilling Month. July can be used to spice up the menu of one in senior care and maybe be a source of anticipation for someone receiving home care. Variety Meals can get boring, especially if prepared the same way each week. A simple change from broiling chicken to grilling chicken can ... Read more

Protecting Your Back when You’re a Caregiver for Dad

Caregiver in Crestline OH You’ve been taking care of your aging father for a while, yet now he seems to require more and more assistance getting out of bed, getting into the tub, or getting around. As a caregiver, you’ve taken on an incredible responsibility and it’s important to not only protect him, but yourself. One of the biggest issues family caregivers have when taking care of aging loved ones is getting worn out and actually hurting their back in the process. Just ... Read more

Dealing With Obesity in the Elderly

Elderly Care in Ashland OH There are a number of health problems that elderly people face, and one of them is obesity. As people age, some of them gain weight more easily. A sedentary lifestyle that comes about because of the aging process may make it more difficult to lose weight. This is also true of medications, many of which can cause weight gain. With that in mind, there is more that can be done to help elderly people who are overweight ... Read more