Finding Balance through Music: How the Right Caregiver Can Make a World of Difference

Caregiver in Lexington OH How important is it to find the ‘right’ caregiver? There are millions of caregivers working throughout the country. There are even more family members who are taking care of their elderly loved ones. According to the AARP, there are an estimated 44.4 million caregivers taking care of elderly and disabled loved ones right now.  Many of those caregivers don’t have any prior experience. The vast majority of them are middle aged or older women taking care of parents. Without ... Read more

Digital or the ‘Old Fashioned’ Organizers: Which One is Better at Keeping Track of Home Care Services?

Home Care in Crestline OH Trying to keep organized can be a full-time job in itself. Thanks to modern technology, many people rely on digital organizers, such as those you can download for tablets and smart phones. These digital organizers can be programmed to signal an alarm when an appointment or other task is scheduled to be completed. When you’re talking about home care services, being organized is essential. The quality of care that an elderly client receives will directly depend on the ... Read more

Signs of Unsafe Driving for Seniors and Why Home Care Services May be a Topic to Discuss

Home Care in Loudonville OH Unsafe driving is an important discussion to talk about with teenagers who are first getting behind the wheel, adults who are exhibiting some unsafe behaviors and seniors who may be dealing with a number of physical, emotional, or mental challenges as they get older. For an elderly individual who is exhibiting certain signs that they are no longer safe behind the wheel, home care services may also be a topic family members want to discuss with them. Below ... Read more

Your Elderly Mother May Not See Well Anymore, and A Professional Caregiver Can Help

Caregiver in Shelby OH As people age, there will be certain physical changes that will arise. It could be diminishing strength in their body, or it could be hearing loss or vision related problems. As March is Save Your Vision Month, it’s a good time to talk about some potential signs that your elderly loved one could be dealing with some type of vision problem. There are numerous vision related issues that can develop with age. Cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are three ... Read more